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Key Messages

The key messages of the College answer the essential question, “What makes The College at Brockport a vital and distinctive choice for higher education?” The key messages describe the work of the College, our level of commitment and the passion that we bring to it in service to our students, our community and the world. In their totality, these messages distinguish the College from other educational institutions and are the basis of compelling and effective communications.

The College at Brockport provides a multidimensional education.

 By focusing on vigorous and challenging academics, encouraging a healthy spirit of fitness, and celebrating all modes of creativity, The College at Brockport graduates energetically confident and capable individuals. Diverse and innovative programs across a broad liberal arts and professional studies curriculum provide students with rich opportunities for education and personal growth as intellectual, physical, and creative individuals. Brockport students have many options when it comes to tailoring their educational experiences; students choose from a wide array of activities and programs, developing their personal talents while serving the community at large. Whether collaborating with faculty on original research, studying abroad, interning at a local business, or participating in the life of the college, Brockport students acquire the skills and habits of teamwork and leadership. A Brockport education is comprehensive and collegial: every member benefits from and enriches the experience of the whole community.

We champion the scholar in every student.

 A faculty-student relationship based on love of learning and mutual respect is at the heart of the Brockport experience. Our faculty members, noted researchers, and devoted teachers, are also dedicated advisors and mentors who help students to realize the full extent of their individual talents and potential. They regularly collaborate with students to conduct, present, and publish original research and scholarly work. Among the longest standing traditions at The College of Brockport is Scholar’s Day, a day set aside to honor the achievement of students from across all academic disciplines. By championing the intellect in every student, The College at Brockport cultivates individuals who share in the energetic confidence that is emblematic of our campus. As a result, Brockport students are highly motivated, yet at ease with themselves and each other: critical ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life. Brockport alumni are widely accepted into the finest graduate and professional programs and are eagerly recruited by employers. Innovative thinkers, leaders, and team players, our graduates are an asset in the classroom, the workplace, and the community.

We are a vital community of engaged citizens.

 Shared governance is a leading principle and practice at The College at Brockport. Each member of our college community has a stake and a voice in advancing the curriculum, promoting healthfulness, and fostering the inclusive and collaborative environment that is vital to the strength of our institution, our people, and our programs. Students, faculty, and staff members serve on boards and committees that actively consider virtually all aspects of campus work and life. Frequent campus-wide surveys solicit feedback, test assumptions, and yield new ideas. In this way, everyone in the community shares in the ongoing work of growing and improving the Brockport experience.

We open the world to our students.

 The College at Brockport provides academic and co-curricular opportunities that develop students’ awareness of our diverse and yet increasingly interconnected world, cultivating the perspective and tolerance essential for responsible global citizenship. With more than 60 study abroad programs in 20 countries, The College at Brockport offers students opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge of other cultures, political structures and traditions, learning from other cultures even while they serve as ambassadors for their own. Through their travels, students develop a greater understanding of the global economy, the value of diplomacy, and the increasing interdependence of nations. Their diverse experiences and new ideas enrich community dialogue. Ongoing initiatives and programs such as the Presidential Fellows, which brings visiting faculty to campus to share their diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives; Delta College, which encourages self-exploration and development through experiential learning and internships; the American Democracy Project with its focus on civic literacy; and many others. The College at Brockport is committed to educating students within a broad global context, encouraging the thoughtful open-mindedness and energetic confidence that will serve them well throughout their lives as citizens of the world.