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RIT Accelerated MBA Program (4+1)

The College at Brockport - RIT Accelerated MBA Program (4+1)

The College at Brockport has teamed up with RIT to offer our students a convenient way to earn an MBA. Depending on your undergraduate courses, you may be able to complete the program in one year.

The Brockport - RIT program's benefits include:

  • Partnerships with business and industry
  • AACSB International accreditation
  • Distinguished faculty at both institutions
  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Customized program
  • Integrated curriculum
  • 20 concentration areas
  • Small class size
  • Implementation of classroom theory

Why get an MBA?

  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Significant return on investment of both time and money
  • Personal achievement
  • Develop broad network of colleagues and other professionals
  • Increased financial rewards
  • Acquire new skills
  • Retrain for specific position
Brockport Course Planning for Waivers RIT MBA Foundation Courses

ACC 281 Intro Financial Accounting and
ACC 282 Intro Managerial Accounting

 0101-703 Financial Accounting

BUS 366 Organizational Behavior and
Choose one from the following:
BUS 465, BUS 368, BUS 369, BUS 463, BUS 317


PSH 325 Motivation or
PSH 332 Social Psychology and
Choose one from the following:
SOC 350, SOC 351, SOC 352

0102-704 Organizational Behavior & Leadership

ECN 204 Introduction to Statistics and
ECN 304 Intermediate Statistics


MTH 441 Statistical Methods I and
MTH 442 Statistical methods II


MTH 346 Probability and Statistics I and
MTH 446 Probability and Statistics II


ESC 350 Computation Methods in Field Sciences and
Choose one from the following:
MTH 243, MTH 346, MTH 441, MTH 442, MTH 446


BIO 437 Biological Investigation and Data Interpretation and
Choose one from the following:
MTH 243, MTH 346, MTH 441, MTH 442, MTH 446

 0106-782 Statistical Analysis for Decision Making

ECN 201 Principles of Economics (Micro) and
ECN 202 Principles of Economics (Macro)

 0103-705 Economics for Managers

BUS 325 Principles of Finance and
Choose one from the following:
ECN 321 Money and Banking
Any upper level finance course

 0104-721 Financial Analysis for Managers

BUS 335 Principles of Marketing and
Any upper level marketing course

 0105-761 Marketing Concepts

Certain program requirements must be met. For details, contact your undergraduate advisor, Jose Maliekal, associate dean, School of Letters and Sciences at 395-2582, or Eileen Daniel, associate dean, School of Professions at 395-5505.

Click here for more information on the RIT Accelerated MBA program.