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General Education Programs

General Education Program Administration
Office of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
619 Allen Administration Building
(585) 395-2504
  • Program Administrator and Vice Provost: P. Michael Fox
  • Secretary: Debbie Lamphron
  • Coordinator of Developmental Mathematics: Bernard LoBracco
  • Coordinator of College Composition: Robert Baker

The General Education program focuses on areas of study that The College at Brockport faculty and recently, the SUNY Board of Trustees, have decided are of such fundamental importance that they should be required of all liberally educated students. This part of the student's college education stresses development of the basic intellectual skills of writing, speaking, critical thinking, and mathematical analysis. Skills that are generally expected of college-educated persons and provide a good foundation for advanced work in a major program. In addition, the General Education requirements convey some of the accumulated insights about humankind and its cultural and scientific achievements, the nature of human societies, the natural order, and the systematic ways in which we seek knowledge and understanding in many fields. Finally, the General Education program provides opportunities for students to make connections among the various courses and disciplines they encounter in college and to apply their skills and knowledge to analyzing real problems in contemporary society.

The College at Brockport offers three options through which students may complete the General Education requirements:

The Traditional General Education Program is the subject of this section. Before choosing a General Education option, students should also examine the Delta College Program and the Honors College Program. 

The College at Brockport, like all the colleges and universities of the SUNY system, is required to accommodate the SUNY Trustees mandates for student learning outcomes in General Education. The Trustees now require SUNY students entering in Fall 2000 or later to meet learning outcomes in seven out of ten fields including American history, western civilization, other world civilizations, and foreign languages, areas previously not required of all students. The complete set of requirements of Brockport's General Education program (including the Trustees' requirements) has been phased in for entering freshman students beginning in Fall 2001. Transfer students became subject to the new requirements if they matriculated at Brockport in Fall 2003 or later.

Traditional General Education Program Requirements

During the most recent revision of Brockport's Traditional General Education Program student learning outcomes were written for all components of the program. Courses approved for the various components provide instruction guided by those learning outcomes. All courses approved for the General Education program are approved by the General Education Committee of the College Senate and, if designed to meet the Trustees outcomes, by SUNY as well.

Please note that the student’s General Education program requirements are set by student matriculation date and are listed in the College Catalog in effect in the year of matriculation. Students may have different Traditional General Education Program requirements depending upon whether or not they have any prior college credit, AP examination or CLEP examination credit. For most accurate information on the program requirements, consult the General Education Requirements page in the College Catalog.  For matriculated students, the degree audit will track the completion of the General Education requirements. Students are responsible for consulting their audit frequently to make certain that these requirements are being completed in a timely manner. Certain transferred courses can be used to meet General Education requirements and students should make certain that transferred courses appear on the degree audit as well.

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