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Student Engagement

The College at Brockport uses the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) as one means for supporting our efforts toward institutional improvement. Over 400,000 first-year and senior students from hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities took the survey in 2011. The survey asks students to report on a variety of behaviors that research suggests matter for student learning and development. NSSE combines some of these items into five “benchmark” measures to give colleges a shorthand tool for capturing important aspects of effective educational practice. Benchmark scores are rescaled from 0-100 to make their presentation more intuitive. The trend charts below show that Brockport has improved since The College began participating in the survey, and it is the College’s intention to continue to work at fostering student engagement as we go forward.
Level of Academic Challenge (LAC)
Student-Faculty Interaction (SFI)
Supportive Campus Environment (SCE)
Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL)
Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE)

Last Updated 10/22/13