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In 2010, SUNY issued new regulations regarding records retention. This policy revision is the first since 1977, and is designed, in part, to address the storage and retention of electronic records, including email. SUNY mandates all campuses adhere to these regulations, and will be conducting random audits to ensure each campus is compliant; we anticipate they will pay particular attention to the electronic component of the policy. In addition, the College is now required to submit annual verification confirming the appropriate retention and destruction of records by all departments.

Teresa Major, Director of Student Accounts and Accounting Services, can provide guidance on records management. If you have questions specific to your area, feel free to contact Teresa at, or access the new SUNY policy via the link below.

** SUNY Records Retention Policies**

** STATE Records Retention Policies**



Dobson Records Retention

Dobson Policy & Procedures



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Updated July 1, 2015