Student Ambassadors

Brent Swanson

Class Year: Senior

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Business Administration

Hometown: Hamlin, NY   (Monroe County)

On-campus involvement: Habitat for Humanity (President), Business Council of Students, Leadership and Community Service Living Learning Community, Public Relations Club, Programming Union Manager (Student Union and Activities), Undergraduate Admissions Student Ambassador

Interesting fact: During the summer between my sophomore and junior year, I restored a boat from top to bottom. Her name is "The Butt" after the boat featured in my favorite movie, Finding Nemo.

Most unique Brockport experience: During the Spring 2013 semester, I was selected for an internship with the Office of Donor Relations. During that internship my primary focus was to assist in the planning of The College at Brockport's first ever Capital Campaign Launch. Being that I am pursuing a career in corporate event planning, the chance to plan an event of this scale was more than I could have ever hoped for as a junior. However, the experience quickly became much more meaningful than I had originally anticipated. Over the course of the five-month internship, I was able to connect with so many different people who loved Brockport as much as I did! I will never forget that feeling of anxiety mixed with relief as faculty and staff, alumni and donors, students and emeriti, all began to walk through the doors. But, the reality was we were all there, on that night I had spent so many hours planning, to celebrate Brockport. I have never felt more connected to a group of strangers in my life, but great moments like that happen more often that you would think here at Brockport.

Favorite thing about Brockport: My favorite thing about Brockport is its size. It is large enough to provide you with more opportunities in and out of the classroom than you can imagine. Yet, it is small enough that walking across campus without someone calling out your name to say hello as they pass is next to impossible.

Favorite food on campus: My favorite food at Brockport is most definitely the free popcorn in the Union! Every time I walk past the machine, which is quite often because I work in the building, I have to stop and get a bag. Popcorn alone is delicious, which means that free popcorn is practically irresistible.

Favorite place to study: My favorite place to study would have to be my dorm room. While it might not always be the most productive location to study in, something about reading my textbooks in my cozy bed makes the readings more enjoyable.

Favorite campus-sponsored event: My favorite campus-sponsored event is, without a doubt, Homecoming. I actually had the opportunity to co-chair the committee that planned Homecoming in 2012. What makes this event so special to me is that we, as students, get to come together with alumni to celebrate all of our athletic teams. From the parade to the fireworks show, every moment of that weekend is packed full of school spirit.

Favorite way to stay active on campus: My favorite way to stay active is by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I have the privilege to serve as the President of the club which affords me the ability to interact with so many inspiring students. Each week we meet to plan events and fundraisers that will raise awareness about poverty housing in Rochester and around the world. While the work is not always easy, it is always rewarding and the organization's focus on teamwork really makes the whole experience fun!

One class that every student should take before graduating from Brockport: Although I may have a bias because I am a Communications major, I feel that every students should take the public speaking class. It is amazing how much of a transformation you will see in your confidence to speak in front of others by the end of the course. Being able to give a strong presentation is a skill that is critical to every major and every career.

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus:

  • an open mind
  • a car
  • a fridge
  • a laptop
  • an umbrella

Favorite off-campus place: My favorite off-campus location is Holley Falls -- a waterfall in the next town over. It's only about a 30-minute bike ride down the Erie Canal, which runs along the north side of campus. It makes for a great afternoon getaway with friends in the early fall or late spring.

Favorite quote: "Just keep swimming.” As I mentioned before, Finding Nemo is indeed my favorite movie. However, I feel that this quote really sums up life well. Sometimes life is going to get difficult, but we have to find the will power to push through. There may be semesters that are incredibly challening, but if you "just keep swimming", things will get better and your hard work will most definitely be rewarded in the end.

Why did you want to become a Student Ambassador?: I was an Orientation Student Advisor for two summers during my college career; they were the best two summers of my life! My favorite thing about working orientation was being able to interact with the families and new students. When the opportunity came about to be a Student Ambassador, where I could spend a whole semester interacting with families and students and answering questions about Brockport, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!