Student Ambassadors

Charice Putnam

Class Year: Sophomore

Majors: Psychology & Alcohol and Substance Abuse Studies

Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Springville, NY   (Erie County)

On-campus involvement: ECOS Club, Pink Gloves Boxing, Women's Center Assistant, Restore Sexual Assault Services, Undergraduate Admissions Student Ambassador

Interesting fact: I studied abroad last summer. I went on a three-and-a-half week trip to nine different countries in Western Europe. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

Most unique Brockport experience: Working at the Women's Center has been the most unique experience I have ever had. It has been amazing to develop programs and watch them come to life.

Favorite thing about Brockport: I love how close-knit of a community Brockport is. Everybody is always friendly to you; holding doors and smiling. You always feel safe and welcome here, even if you are just visiting.

Favorite food on campus: A big slice of Perri's cheese and pepperoni pizza!

Favorite place to study: I like the comfort of my own desk, that way if I need anything, it is right there.

Favorite campus-sponsored event: Purple Run for Change

Favorite way to stay active on campus: Get a campus job that is more than just an office job. Something where you can get involved and learn new things.

One class that every student should take before graduating from Brockport: Public Speaking

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus:

  • a matress pad
  • rain boots
  • a fan
  • a shower caddy and flip flops
  • dishes (cup, bowl, silverware, etc.)

Favorite off-campus place: Wing night at the Stoneyard on Main Street

Favorite quote: "Find the flower in you."

Why did you want to become a Student Ambassador?: I love Brockport, and I love talking about it. I figure that combination was perfect for this job!