Undergraduate Admissions

Student Ambassador Program

Are you a current student who’s excited about your experience at The College at Brockport?
Do you want to make an impact on students visiting the campus?
Interested in sharpening your leadership and public speaking skills?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is seeking enthusiastic undergraduate students
to assist in recruitment initiatives.

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Position Details

The Student Ambassador position through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is a fantastic opportunity to not only gain experience in a profession setting, but to also try out the field of higher education. This internship is perfect for students looking to gain a better understanding of Undergraduate Admissions, as well as acquire important skills that you will retain when you continue beyond college.

This internship is solely through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Brockport and is not associated with BCEC. There is no online course work associated with this internship. Students will not receive credit for this internship and the first semester in which you complete the internship is non-paid. However, there is the opportunity to re-apply for the position of Student Ambassador after you have completed one semester. If you are invited back to the program, you will then be paid.

The Student Ambassador program seeks applicants who have a desire to express the many positive experiences they have here at The College at Brockport. We are looking for students who have been involved on and off campus, have a wide understanding of what The College at Brockport has to offer, and are extremely professional and personable.

Through this internship, Student Ambassadors are trained to speak with students regarding general knowledge about The College at Brockport as well as making them feel welcome on the campus. They are trained on how to use our communication system through Gmail and Outlook, as well as how to appropriately communicate with prospective students. The Student Ambassadors attend training at the beginning of each new semester to review the above items as well as the any new endeavors that are expected of them. Student Ambassadors are required to complete 40 hours and must attend all mandatory events such as Open House, monthly meetings, etc.

This is truly a wonderful internship and we hope you will apply! Print applications can be picked up from the main desk in Undergraduate Admissions, Rakov building. If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Armentano at darmenta@brockport.edu.



Please contact Danielle Armentano by phone at (585) 395-2751 or by e-mail at darmenta@brockport.edu.