Student Ambassadors

Riley Zenoski

Class Year: Senior

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Recreation and Leisure Studies

Hometown: Bloomfield, NY   (Ontario County)

On-campus involvement: Transfer Peer Mentor, Undergraduate Admissions Student Ambassador

Interesting fact: When I was four years old, I modeled for a national company and was featured in advertisements across the United States!

Most unique Brockport experience: How quickly I adjusted and felt comfortable on campus, especially since I am a transfer student.

Favorite thing about Brockport: The connections that I have made with both professors and other students have made for great learning experiences!

Favorite food on campus: Sushi

Favorite place to study: The library -- it's a quiet place to get work done without any distractions.

Favorite campus-sponsored event: The concerts!

Favorite way to stay active on campus: SERC

One class that every student should take before graduating from Brockport: Group Leadership (CMC 472)

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus:

  • a planner
  • an umbrella
  • laptop
  • rain boots
  • a positive attitude

Favorite off-campus place: The shops and restaurants on Main Street

Favorite quote: "Success in not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." -- Albert Schweitzer

Why did you want to become a Student Ambassador?: To help prospective students learn about Brockport and the exciting time they have upon them. I was in the same position just a few years ago and appreciated the welcoming feeling I received from other Brockport students. Therefore, I would like to be able to do the same, along with providing answer to any questions they may have!