Undergraduate Admissions

Alyssa Fuoco

Alyssa FuocoMajors: Psychology

Minor: Business

Hometown: Grand Island, NY (Erie County)

On-campus involvement: Undergraduate Admissions Tour Guide; Leadership Development Program

Interesting fact: I twirl baton.

Most unique Brockport experience: Winning first place in the Brockport Talent Show hosted by the Hip Hop Dance Club

Favorite thing about Brockport: Sundae Sundays & Wednesdays!

Favorite place to study: Library tables

Favorite campus-sponsored event: Party at the Port!!

Favorite off-campus location/thing to do: The Canal

Favorite way to stay active on campus: SERC!!

One class that every student should take before graduating from Brockport: Modern World Literature with Herma Volpe-Van Dijk

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus:

  • Planner
  • Rainboots
  • Food!
  • Pictures/yearbooks
  • An open mind

Favorite quote: "Life goes faster than you think, so don't blink." -- Kenny Chesney

What do you like most about being a Tour Guide?: I like having an impact on other students' choice in what college to go to, just like my tour guide did for me.