Undergraduate Admissions

Anabelle McDonald

Anabelle McDonaldMajor: Arts for Children with a concentration in Dance Studies and I am in the Childhood Inclusive Education Certification Program.

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY (Erie County)

On-Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Admissions Tour Guide, Resident Assistant, Leadership Development Program, Arts for Children Club

Interesting Fact: I am a huge Disney fan!

Most Unique Brockport Experience: Volunteering at the Strong Museum of Play with the Arts for Children Program.

Favorite Thing About Brockport: There is something for everyone regardless of interests. We have something to offer for everyone, from the arts to sports. This allows students here to experience what they are passionate about and even try something new!

Favorite Quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Dr. Seuss

What do you like most about being a Tour Guide?: I like sharing what I know and love about our campus with prospective students.

Favorite place to study?: My room.

Favorite food on campus?: Anna Banana Wrap at the Kinetic Kafe. 

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus?:

  • Cute rain boots
  • Confidence
  • A laptop
  • Pictures from home
  • Your favorite snacks