Undergraduate Admissions

Tour Guide Application

The focus of our tours is to give prospective students and their families an idea of student life at Brockport, and hopefully that Brockport is the right fit for them.  Therefore, we are interested in tour guide candidates that have had positive experiences at Brockport, are enthusiastic about what Brockport has to offer, and are interested in sharing their experiences in a very positive and enthusiastic way.  As a tour guide, you will represent the College and the best that Brockport has to offer.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office offers tours of the campus at 11:30am and at 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. 



  • Minimum 2.6 GPA

  • Wide variety of experiences while at the College at Brockport

    • Student activities, clubs, athletics, RA, etc.

  • Must have lived on campus



  • MUST be available to work the Saturday Open Houses in the Fall and Spring

  • Must be able to give specialty tours

  • Work additional tours when needed



New tour guides are trained by the tour staff in a sequence of tours.  A training packet is provided prior to the first training tour and includes the tour route, general information about the position, as well as supplemental information.  It is the tour guides responsibility to read the packet prior to the first training tour.  Training is paid. 

  • On the first training tour, the new tour guide accompanies and observes a veteran tour guide.

  • On the second training tour. The new tour guide gives at least half of the tour, after which the veteran tour guide will provide feedback to prepare them for the final tour.

  • On the third training tour, the new tour guide gives the entire tour themselves, while observed by a veteran tour guide and the tour guide coordinator.

  • A quiz is given after training is complete to test knowledge of the training packet and the tour. 


*You may also pick an application at the reception desk in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in Rakov.