Undergraduate Admissions

David Campbell

David CampbellAcademic Standing: Sophomore

Major(s): History

Minor: Military Science

On-campus involvement: Cross Country, Track and Field, Army ROTC

Interesting fact: I’ll go swimming just about anywhere that there’s water

Most unique Brockport experience: Forming a giant “B” with 1,000 freshman all wearing green t-shirts.

Favorite thing about Brockport: The community feeling. Everyone is so friendly, and the campus is small enough to make me feel like everyone is family.

Favorite food on campus:Popcorn chicken!

Favorite place to study: Upstairs in the library in the private spaces.

Favorite campus sponsored event: The winter and spring concerts.

One class that every student should take before graduating from Brockport: Vietnam Era with Dr. Stephan Neese

Favorite way to stay active on campus: The track or the SERC.

Favorite off-campus event/ location: The Erie Canal path

5 most important things a freshman should bring to campus?:

  • Rain coat
  • Multiple pairs of shoes
  • Planner
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Cold medicine

Why did you want to be a Tour Guide?: It seemed like a great way to get involved with the campus community and a way to give back to the community! Also, I love to talk.

Favorite Quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” – Steve Prefontaine