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Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program



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About the Program

The Interdisciplinary Arts for Children (IAC) Program is unique in the nation. It provides substantive training in the role of the arts in education to students interested in the arts and/or who are planning to become teachers of young children. Students can earn a BS or BA degree with a specialty in one of five arts areas:

  • Dance
  • Dance Studies
  • Literary Arts
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Visual Art.

This specialty study is complimented by introductory and pedagogy coursework in all five of the art forms, as well as seminar classes in arts-in-education theory and arts-integrated curriculum and practice. About 60 percent of IAC majors pair their studies with teacher certification. Others often pursue a dual major in one of the art forms or a major or minor in a variety of other academic areas. Learn where an IAC degree can take you.

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Photo: Disciplines in the Program