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Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program


Art Specialty

 The Arts for Children Interdisciplinary Program functions in consortium with Brockport’s Departments of Art, Dance and Theatre (for theatre and music). Twenty-one (21) credits of the 48-credit major coursework are taken within one arts discipline - art, dance, music or theatre. This is referred to as the major's specialty area. The deeper experiences arrived through discipline specific coursework ensures the future leader and teacher of children will have a national and state standards-based education in the arts.

Below is a listing of courses required for art specialty students. Each course is usually held in one of the Department of Art's excellent facilities.

Note to New Students

All potential majors are advised individually by the Arts for Children program director. If interested in becoming an Arts for Children Interdisciplinary major, please contact the program director Kevin Warner at or call (585) 395-5304 to set up an advising appointment. Also, please refer to the current SUNY Brockport Undergraduate Studies Catalog for detailed program and course information.

Note to Transfer Students

Students who intend to transfer to SUNY Brockport should inquire regarding the
feasibility of transferring course credit from previous institutions to SUNY Brockport. Course credits may transfer to this institution but only those that are exact equivalents to courses listed below will be counted. For further information on transferring credits, see the Academic Planning Guide.

Art Specialty Course Requirements

Art Specialty Course Requirements Page


Teacher Certification

 A listing of coursework necessary for classroom teacher certification (Childhood Education) may be obtained from the Department of Education and Human Development. The teacher certification program is accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

For more information on applying for and obtaining certification as a regular classroom teacher, contact the Teacher Certification Office.

Art Teacher Certification is not available at this time. The teacher certification program offered through the Department of Education and Human Development is for general classroom teachers.

We strongly encourage students who are not in the teacher certification track to select a second major in visual art, dance or theatre.


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