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Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program


Students in the Arts for Children major have access to modern facilities in the departments of Art, Dance, English and Theatre and Music Studies.

Art Facilities

The Department of Art is located in the Tower Fine Arts Center overlooking the Erie Canal.

 Ceramic classes enable students to experience a range of methods of working with clay from large-scale ceramic sculpture to small-scale functional pottery. Facilities include three kilns and an outdoor area for raku firings.

The printmaking studio contains two presses and can accommodate a wide variety of processes. Students may choose to work in intaglio, relief, monotype, screenprinting, papermaking, bookmaking and photography.

 There are two painting studios located in Tower. Both are located in well-lit rooms with northern exposure. Students work in a wide range of materials including encaustic, oil and acrylic. A fully-equipped tool room enables students to build custom stretchers, panels and frames.

 The Tower Fine Arts Gallery features visiting exhibitions throughout the school year. Regional, national and international artists exhibit their work and shows are often supplemented by artist talks and slide presentations or workshops in specific studio areas.

The Rainbow Gallery is run by the Art Student Association. Located on the second floor in Tower Fine Arts Building, students organize exhibits of local and regional artists, gaining valuable hands-on experience running a gallery space.


English Facilities

The Department of English is located in the College's new Liberal Arts Building, adjacent to Drake Memorial Library and Alumni Walk. The new building includes technology-enhanced learning environments sized to support multiple configurations of seating to accommodate lecture, group discussions and team-based work.

The space is the central home for the School of The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and includes a variety of formal and informal learning environments for the Brockport campus community.


Dance Facilities

 The Department of Dance is located in the Hartwell Hall, where the entire three floors of the south wing are devoted to classroom and studio space for dance classes. Two highlights of the recent renovation are the 280-seat Hartwell Dance Theater and the 250-seat Rose L. Strasser Studio performance space. The programs offers ample opportunity for students, faculty and guest artists to choreograph, perform and present work. Four spacious studios with ample natural lighting are used for classes and rehearsals seven days a week. The dance conditioning room, therapeutic health pool, costume shop and scenery shop are also important components of the dance program.


Theatre and Music Facilities

 The Department of Theatre is also located in Tower Fine Arts Building and boasts two studio spaces for student performances: the 400-seat Mainstage Theatre with its proscenium stage and the 130-seat Laboratory Theatre. Each year, the Department of Theatre presents at least four productions in the Mainstage venue, providing students opportunities to perform on stage or be involved back stage.

A separate costume design and construction workshop provides students facilities to design and craft costumes for campus productions. Arts for Children majors may also take courses in set design and construction.