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Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program


About the Major

 The Arts for Children Interdisciplinary Program is committed to teaching, scholarship, creative expression and service related to the education of children in and through the arts. This program is unique in the nation. It fills a major need in providing substantive arts education training to prospective classroom teachers and others interested in the arts. Research shows that arts integration has perhaps the greatest potential to positively affect learning across academic disciplines.

Most Arts for Children majors take part in the classroom teacher certification program. Some combine the major with a second major in an art form (art, dance, music or theatre) offered by the College. Still others take an entrepreneurial approach to using their skills and knowledge. The interdisciplinary approach to learning helps student leverage new understandings that could not be obtained through singular discipline studies alone.
Please note: Art Teacher certification is not available at this time. The Arts for Children major coupled with teacher certification qualifies the successful candidate as a general elementary classroom teacher - not an elementary art teacher. However, if an Arts for Children major also pursues a BFA in Art, that individual would be well prepared to enter into a masters program for art teacher education.

 Arts for Children coursework includes the learning of theory related to the arts and the education of children. Specific knowledge, skills and experiences are learned in each arts area: visual art, dance, music and theatre. Students pursue additional focused study in an arts discipline of their choice. The focused discipline area is referred to as a "specialty" within the major.

During their time at Brockport, students in the Arts for Children major discern and investigate their roles as scholars, nurturing teachers/leaders of children, and creators/communicators of artistic expression. Students come to realize the value of children’s distinct expressive gifts as these are reflections and comments of our humanity. Arts For Children majors become responsible citizens advocating access to the arts and arts learning as necessary for every child.

For the past four years the average rate of our graduates who are employed, enrolled in graduate school, or who are employed and enrolled, is 94%. Students pursuing masters degrees can be found at such institutions as:

  • Nazareth College
  • Roberts Wesleyan
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • St. John Fisher
  • SUNY University Albany
  • Syracuse University
  • Touro College
  • Utica College
  • University of Arizona

You will find Arts for Children graduates employed in a variety of settings:

  • community service or non-profit organizations
  • cultural institutions, performing arts centers and museums
  • pre-school and after school programs
  • theatre and dance companies
  • media production companies
  • elementary and middle schools
  • colleges and universities
  • working as independent performing and teaching artists


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