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Geoffrey Hedges on a camle in Petra


Caitlin Moore







Geoffrey Hedges, '13

Geoff graduated from the College at Brockport with an Anthropology major in the spring of 2013.  Geoff is now working on a Ph.D. at The University of Buffalo in Environmental Archaeology.

 Learn more about Geoff and what he is doing now!








Caitlin Moore graduated from the College in August 2010 but the learning didn't stop at graduation. Two months later, she was excavating ruins in Jordan on an archaeological field school.

Learn more about Caitlin and her Jordan adventures!

The anthropology major and minor provide solid preparation for postgraduate training and careers in a number of fields, among them archaeology, applied anthropology, museum work, conservation, education, forensic science, law, health/medicine, international business, marketing, human services, tourism and other fields that require an understanding of cultural diversity and human adaptability.

The skills Anthropology students gain in observing and recording human behavior, interviewing, constructing of survey instruments, and scientific analysis are invaluable in many career fields. Corporate anthropology, which draws upon anthropological fieldwork skills to research consumer behavior, is a recent and growing field.

Learn more about what some of our recent alumni are doing:

Madalyn Padalino working at Petra, Jordan  Katherine Drake on a donkey at Petra, Jordan    Amanda Foley at the Emily Knapp museum

Madalyn Padalino, '12

Matti recently finished her
Masters degree in Environmental
Archaeology and Paleoeconomy
At the University of Sheffield, UK

Katherine Drake, '12

Katherine is currently working on a
Masters degree in biological
anthropology at East Carolina

Amanda Foley, '13

Amanda started graduate studies in Anthropology at Ohio State University. She is focused on archaeobotany and will be presenting a conference paper with Dr. Ramsay at an International meeting in Baltimore in the Fall of 2013.

Irene Ketonen, ‘05 Kevin Palotti, ‘05 Jeremy Deuel, ‘02
Elissa Krowe, ‘06 Mary Koegel, '05

The following websites provide more information on careers in Anthropology:


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Dr. Keating publishes an article in the Dec. 2013 issue of Asia Pacific Viewpoint, an international journal.

Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in the Dec. 2013 issue of Journal of Arid Environments, an international journal.

Dr. Keating presents a paper at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting in Chicago, Ill. on Nov. 21.

Dr. Ramsay presents with former student, Amanda Foley (graduate student at Ohio State) at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Balitmore, MD. on Nov 21.

Dr. Keating was recently interviewed by the Democrat and Chronicle about the art exhibit opening Oct. 24 that he is curating.  The show is titled, "“Mush Hole Remembered: R.G. Miller”.