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Caitlin Moore

Caitlin Moore

Caitlin Moore graduated from the College in August of 2010 but the learning didn't stop at graduation. Two months later, she was excavating ruins in Jordan for an archaeological field school.

What got you interested in Anthropology?

Caitlin was fortunate to have taken the course, Human Evolution with Dr. Edwards who truly engaged her interest. So much so that switched majors from History to Anthropology. Once she began taking anthropology courses she felt the fit was perfect for her. Caitlin loved the fact that anthropology included firsthand accounts and you weren’t just re-reading other peoples work from the past.

Caitlin MooreHow would you describe your learning experience as an anthropology major at Brockport?

Brockport is a close-knit community and Cailtin thinks students have a significant amount of interaction with the faculty. She also felt the faculty were very interested in what she was interested in. She thinks faculty went out of their way to help her along her academic path. Additionally, the professors didn’t dumb things down in the courses and class projects were open so students could work on projects that interested them personally. Caitlin also participated in an archaeological fieldschool in Jordan where she was able to work in an area of the world that was pretty amazing for her to see up-close. Nothing beats getting hands-on experience in the field.

Caitlin also participated in an archaeological fieldschool in Jordan where she was able to work in an area of the world that was pretty amazing to see in real life. She also got some hands-on experience in the field.

In JordanWhat are your future plans?

Right now Caitlin is taking a year off to contemplate and prepare for future graduate studies in forensic anthropology. Not one to remain idle, she is currently the archeological representative on the Historic Preservation Board in the Village of Brockport. Her dream job would be to work on mass grave sites and human rights issues.

 Interviewed by Dr. Jennifer Ramsay.

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