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David Lanni, '13

David at Graduation

i.     What got you interested in Anthropology?

I transferred to Brockport with a major in anthropology after completing my Associates Degree at Genesee Community College. After taking an online class on cultural anthropology at GCC, I decided that it was the right fit for me to work towards when I transferred. While at Brockport I was able to focus more on honing in on my interests which was museum studies and public history. By working at the Emily L. Knapp Museum in Brockport and the Rochester Museum and Science Center I was able to see how a degree in something you love to do can be used to build a career.

ii.     How would you describe your learning experience as an anthropology major at Brockport?

My time as an anthropology major at Brockport was a blast! Being such a small department it truly felt like a family environment. Whenever I needed assistance with anything I knew I could always email, call, or visit any of my professors. I was able to build great friendships with all of my classmates through classes and Anthro club. My most memorable experiences in Brockport revolve around working at the Emily L. Knapp Museum. Working with the various collections (mostly antique farm equipment) shaped my future goals and allowed me something to work towards achieving.

 Dr. Ramsay and David Lanni at Graduation Party

iii.     What are your future plans?

My future plans are to attend Syracuse University to complete my Master’s in Museum studies. In the mean time I have been volunteering at the Rochester Museum and Science Center building my experience.

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