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Geoffrey Hedges, '13

  Geoffrey Hedges in Petra, Jordan Geoffrey Hedges is currently in a PhD program in Environmental Archaeology at the University of Buffalo.   

What got you interested in Anthropology?

I originally came in undeclared to Brockport, but after taking the Introduction to Archaeology course my second semester at Brockport I decided to take more classes and declared my major in Anthropology. The interdisciplinary nature of archaeology and figuring out how past humans lived and interacted with other groups of people and their environment was of great interest to me, as well as the infinite number of methods one can use to reconstruct the past.



How would you describe your learning experience as an anthropology major at Brockport?

The department at Brockport is a very close knit department and even though it is smaller than other departments at Brockport it offers a variety of classes and also hands-on learning experiences. Professors care about the learning outcomes of the students and are always there to support and help students in their classwork and research. The availability of hands-on learning experiences (internships, field schools) is a major strong point of the department and gives students the opportunity to become involved in research and learn things that could not be learned in a classroom. The perfect example would be the field school in Petra, where I was able to consolidate and expand upon the archaeological methods I learned in class and how to systematically dig, record data, and interpret what I find in the soil. I was also able to learn much working in the lab for both Dr. Rawlings and Dr. Ramsay, learning faunal osteology and sorting and identifying archaeobotanical remains.

Geoffrey Hedges in Jordan
 Geoffrey Hedges at the Petra Garden and Pool Complex 2011  

W hat are your future plans?

I am currently doing research for my classes in to the prehistory of the southern Levant (modern day Israel and Jordan), and how the transition from hunter-gatherer modes of life to sedentary modes of living can be reflected in the botanical remains as well as other types of remains (faunal, artifactual, etc.) and how climate change is a factor in the transition. I am currently figuring out where I will be doing fieldwork this summer. I have many opportunities open to me in Buffalo, and in addition to continuing field work in Jordan (and possibly working in Israel) I hope to work on Crete dealing with the Minoans.

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Professor Neal Keating participated in an Expert Meeting on peace sustainability at Columbia University on October 23, organized through the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity, part of the Earth Institute at Columbia. The expert meeting was convened to discuss and examine the design of a new approach to modeling sustainable peace systems at local to global scales, that makes use of non-linear systems of causality that are grounded in temporalities of historical memory, future expectations, and the current existence of conflict resolution mechanisms and peace-promoting practices.

Dr. Zinni's book project, “A Palimpsest of Place: Technologies of Memory, Landscape, and Folklife in Western New York,” has been selected by the University of Illinois Press for the 2015 Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World workshop, a collaborative publishing initiative of the University of Illinois Press, the University Press of Mississippi, and the University of Wisconsin Press, in conjunction with the American Folklore Society and with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Dr. Zinni was honored in 2015 faculty/staff recognition program by Office of Special Disabilities (OSD) for assisting and contributing to our students with disabilities.

Dr. Ramsay published an article: Ramsay, J.H. and Eger, A. 2015. Analysis of Archaeobotanical Material from the Tupras Field project of the Kinet Höyük Excavations. Journal of Islamic Archaeology 2 (1): 35-50.

Dr. Feldman was recently on the Coy Barefoot Show (two 30-minute radio shows) in May and June 2015:
The Coy Barefoot Show, 107.5 FM (Charlottesville, VA), 2015 (two 30-minute shows on “Same Sex Marriage” and “Baltimore, the Police, and African Americans”).