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Brockport / Anthropology / Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Anthropology presently offers the Edwin S. Hall Jr. Scholarship,  Marjorie Helen Stewart Award and our Departmental Scholars award.

Eligible Anthropology majors should apply online at

Scholarship Descriptions

The Edwin S. Hall Jr. Scholarship

An educational expense grant of $1000, used for educational expenses at the College at Brockport and awarded to an Anthropology major who meets the following criteria: 3.4 or higher overall GPA, junior standing, minimum of 15 credit hours in Anthropology earned at Brockport, demonstrated academic excellence and potential for the application of Anthopological knowledge to chosen career.

Edwin S. Hall Jr. received his PhD in Anthropology from Yale University. His 30+ seasons of archaeological and ethnohistorical fieldwork were conducted in northern and northwestern Alaska where he also served as a consulting archaeologist for the US Geological Survey and The North Slope Borough. He is the author of numerous articles and books, among them The Eskimo Storyteller: Folktales from Noatak Alaska (1975) and Northwest Coast Indian Graphics: An Introduction to Silkscreen Prints (1981). At Brockport he taught Introduction to Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Culture Change, The American Indian, and Native American Art. Dr. Hall chaired the Department from 1974 to 1986. An avid collector of contemporary Native American art, he retired from the college in 1992.

The Marjorie Helen Stewart Award

A $200 cash award to an outstanding graduating senior Anthropology major who is pursuing a post-graduate degree and has been accepted into a graduate program.

Marjorie Stewart held a DPhil in Anthropology from Oxford University and conducted fieldwork in Nigeria where she investigated the pre-colonial history and socio-political organization of the Borgu Kingdom. Her publications include Borgu and Its Kingdoms: A Reconstruction of a West Sudanese Polity (1993). At Brockport Stewart taught courses on Africa, China, Anthropological Theory, Magic and Witchcraft, Gender, and Language and Culture. She served as chair of the department from 1994-1999. Dr. Stewart was also an accomplished pianist. When she died in 1999, she remembered the Department of Anthropology in her will, and we, in turn, created this award in her name to honor an outstanding senior.



2013 Award Winners:

Lindsay Grome 2013-2014 Departmental Scholar - Pictured with Dr. Esara and Dr. Rawlings

Lindsay Grome - Departmental Scholar 2014

Lindsay Petry, 2013 Recipient Edwin S. Hall Jr. Scholarship

Lindsay Petry in the Lab

Geoffrey Hedges 2013 Recipient Marjorie Helen Stewart Award

Geoffrey Hedges in Petra, Jordan

Jessica Martin Department Scholar 2012-2013

Jessica Martin with Family and Faculty

Richard Lovelace 2012 Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education (RACCE) Consortium Outstanding Adult Students At Brockport.

Richard Loveland Award


Last Updated 5/6/14


Professor Neal Keating participated in an Expert Meeting on peace sustainability at Columbia University on October 23, organized through the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity, part of the Earth Institute at Columbia. The expert meeting was convened to discuss and examine the design of a new approach to modeling sustainable peace systems at local to global scales, that makes use of non-linear systems of causality that are grounded in temporalities of historical memory, future expectations, and the current existence of conflict resolution mechanisms and peace-promoting practices.

Dr. Zinni's book project, “A Palimpsest of Place: Technologies of Memory, Landscape, and Folklife in Western New York,” has been selected by the University of Illinois Press for the 2015 Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World workshop, a collaborative publishing initiative of the University of Illinois Press, the University Press of Mississippi, and the University of Wisconsin Press, in conjunction with the American Folklore Society and with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Dr. Zinni was honored in 2015 faculty/staff recognition program by Office of Special Disabilities (OSD) for assisting and contributing to our students with disabilities.

Dr. Ramsay published an article: Ramsay, J.H. and Eger, A. 2015. Analysis of Archaeobotanical Material from the Tupras Field project of the Kinet Höyük Excavations. Journal of Islamic Archaeology 2 (1): 35-50.

Dr. Feldman was recently on the Coy Barefoot Show (two 30-minute radio shows) in May and June 2015:
The Coy Barefoot Show, 107.5 FM (Charlottesville, VA), 2015 (two 30-minute shows on “Same Sex Marriage” and “Baltimore, the Police, and African Americans”).


Please join us Friday, Feb. 5, at 7 pm in the New York room in Cooper Hall for an evening celebrating Brockport's Black History, specifically honoring Fannie Barrier Williams and William Page. The celebration will include presentations, musical performances and refreshments.