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Brockport / Anthropology / Undergraduate / Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic Research

Students enrolled in Anthropology 394, Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology, conduct fieldwork exercises in the community and pursue research questions of local relevance.

This spring, students practiced their interpersonal and observational skills in an unfamiliar but friendly setting -- Lakeside's Beikirch Care Center. In April, the students participated in a "Coffee and Conversation" program with a group of lively residents. Images courtesy of Nancy Duff.

Pictured l-r are Angie D'Agostino, Caitlin Moore, Brittany Knight, Kathering Drake and a resident, who is unnamed due to Hippa regulations.

Pictured l-r are Sandor Vegh, Richard Lovelace and three residents whose identities are kept confidential.

The Election 2008 Oral History Project took place in the spring of 2009. Students enrolled in ANT 394 interviewed participants about their memories and stories leading up to this historical event. Stories were collected at area libraries including the Brockport-Seymour Library event pictured below. This project was sponsored by the Rochester City Historian's Office, the Monroe County Historian's Office, Monroe County Library System and the Rochester Regional Library Council.

The Clarkson Oral History Project (2006-07) recorded the personal histories of former students who attended the two-room Clarkson schoolhouse and three one-room schoolhouses in the area. The transcribed interviews and student reports are deposited with the Clarkson Historical Society.

Here is a slideshow of the oral history project.
Click on a photo to roll through the presentation.

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Dr. Ramsay receives the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Keating publishes an article in the Dec. 2013 issue of Asia Pacific Viewpoint, an international journal.

Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in the Dec. 2013 issue of Journal of Arid Environments, an international journal.



Congratulations to our graduating class of 2014!

Commencement 2014  
May 17 at 2 pm.