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Brockport / Anthropology / Undergraduate / Archaeological Fieldschool in Jordan

Archaeological Fieldschool in Jordan

 The Petra Garden and Pool Project 2015

Apply to Work on the 2015 Petra Garden and Pool Complex Excavation - An experience that will change your life!  

Project Dates: May 19 - June 20, 2015

Project Description:

The Petra Garden and Pool Complex is located in the heart of Petra. The excavations currently focus on a large pool with a central pavilion flanking a monumental colonnaded garden. The complex is adjacent to the "Great Temple" complex, excavated by Professor Martha Joukowski (Brown University), which has been recently restored. During the 2013 season, excavations will focus on the pool, pavilion and grotto area. During the field school students will learn excavation techniques and have evening lectures by the excavation staff and local specialists on a variety of topics related to the site and the region. In addition to recovering the architecture, stratigraphy, and artifacts of a Hellenistic Nabataean/Roman site, students will also work closely with ground penetrating radar data, techniques of environmental archaeology (sampling, retrieval, identification of plant remains, faunal remains, etc.), ceramic analysis and site survey.


2015 Petra Field School Syllabus! 

Security Form for Field School Students to fill out and submit by January 31, 2015

Instructions for filling our the Security Form


Field Staff for the 2015 Fieldschool:

Dr. Leigh-Ann Bedal (Penn State Behrend) – Site director

Dr. James Schryver (University of Minnesota/Morris) – Assistant director

Dr. Jennifer Ramsay (The College at Brockport, SUNY), Fieldschool director, Associate director and archaeobotanist for the excavations

Fawwaz Ishaqat (Hashemite University) – Surveyor

Pamela Koulianos (MA Student, North Carolina State University) – Ceramicist

Check out last season's (2013) Blog Posts at:

To apply please send Dr. Jennifer Ramsay a cover letter stating why you would like to join the team as well as a current resume.  Once selected applications will go through the Brockport Study Abroad Office.

For more information email Dr. Ramsay (


Dr. Ramsay and Brockport Students at the Treasury in Petra, Jordan   Brockport Students at the Roman Theater in Petra, Jordan

We had an excellent fieldschool this past summer with several Brockport Students involved, including:

Ilona Dragos

Ilona Dragos with Ibrahim in trench 24 at Petra, Jordan

Jill Stewardson & Nicole Kurdziel

Nicole Kurdziel and Jill Stewardson exacating at Petra, Jordan

Jill Stewardson drinking water at Petra, Jordan  Nicole Kurdziel washing pottery

Kirstie Richardson

Kirstie Richardson taking elevations at Petra, Jordan

Sean Kipybida &  Geoffrey Hedges (now at SUNY Buffalo)

Sean Kipybida and Geoffrey Hedges on Camels in Petra, Jordan

Geoffrey Hedges in Petra, Jordan

Sean Kipybida helps move large stones at Petra, Jordan

If you would like to read from the students daily summaries and learn more about their experiences please check out the document below.

 Students Daily Summaries from Petra, Jordan 2013


Last Updated 11/7/14


Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 2015

Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in Mediterranean Archaeology, September 2014.

Dr. Esara publishes in Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, July 2014



Marjorie Helen Steward Speaker series presents: 

'Where the Warriors Lie: A Bioarchaeology of Conflict in Early Medieval Bohemia'

Presented by Doctoral Candidate Lauren Hosek, Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University

March 11, 3:35-4:50 pm in Edwards Room 103


Scholars Day is April 8! We have several anthropology sessions to check out.

Have a look at the schedule and join us: