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Brockport / Anthropology / Undergraduate / Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Departmental Honors in Anthropology

To graduate with honors in Anthropology, the student must meet the following requirements:

Obtain a BA in Anthropology,
Complete a minimum of 12 hours in Anthropology at Brockport by the end of the junior year Maintain a GPA in Anthropology of 3.4 or better at Brockport, and 3.25 or better overall Complete ANT496 Senior Thesis (see II), earning a minimum grade of A-

Requirements for ANT496 Senior Thesis

1) Faculty Mentor: At the beginning of the semester before taking ANT496, the student should enlist a faculty mentor who will oversee the thesis project.

2) Application for ANT 496: The student must complete the required application process for ANT496 (the application form is available here and in the department office) prior to work on a thesis. The proposal must be submitted by the appropriate deadline and pass the required departmental review. Students wanting to do a thesis in cultural anthropology should be enrolled in (at the time of application) or have completed ANT 394, Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology.

3) Evidence of Preparation: In addition, the student should show formal evidence of substantial preparation for the project. This preparation may include the following:

  • a literature search and annotated bibliography
  • a term paper that lays significant groundwork for the thesis
  • coursework, fieldwork or practicum in the thesis area that lays significant groundwork for the thesis
  • application to the IRB (Institutional Review Board) or for other permits, as appropriate
  • enlisting a second reader for the thesis

4) Meeting the Preparation Requirement: The student may do any of the following to meet the preparation requirement for the thesis, subject to departmental approval:

  • The student may enroll with her/his mentor in ANT499 for three credits in the semester before ANT496 to prepare for the research
  • A student who has already completed significant preparation for ANT496 may take ANT499 for one credit, in order to prepare the thesis proposal and application(s)
  • In certain cases another 400-level course with the mentor may be substituted for ANT499.3)

5) Successful completion of ANT 496 requires producing a piece of original anthropological research and analysis presented in a format following that of a peer-reviewed article in an appropriate anthropological journal; and giving an oral presentation of this work to the faculty and students at Scholar’s Day or another colloquium or setting approved by the department.

2013 - Honors Thesis:

Shauna Strnad - " The Story of How the World Began: An Anthropological Analysis of Creation" - Advisor - Ramsay

Stefanie D'Erasmo - "Who Built Angkor Wat Anyway?: The Role of Kuy Peoples in Cambodian History" - Advisor - Keating

Amanda Foley - "Seeds of Roman Galilee: A Preliminary Archaeobotanical Analysis of Huqoq, Israel"  - Advisor - Ramsay

Lynnsey Sorrentino - "Buddhism and Human Rights in Cambodia" - Advisor - Keating

 Shauna Strnad Honors


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Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 2015

Dr. Ramsay publishes an article in Mediterranean Archaeology, September 2014.

Dr. Esara publishes in Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, July 2014



Marjorie Helen Steward Speaker series presents: 

'Where the Warriors Lie: A Bioarchaeology of Conflict in Early Medieval Bohemia'

Presented by Doctoral Candidate Lauren Hosek, Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University

March 11, 3:35-4:50 pm in Edwards Room 103


Scholars Day is April 8! We have several anthropology sessions to check out.

Have a look at the schedule and join us: