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Alma Mater

Alma Mater

The school alma mater, as reproduced in the annual Stylus comencement issue of 1926. "Alma Mater" literally means "foster-mother," and for much of our school's history the parental relationship between the college and the students made the phrase meaningful. The alma mater was written by Marie Lillian Weldon, Class of 1916, pictured here in her class photo, and was sung at class assemblies, Color Day, and other school events. This was in an era when there were "noon sings," in the student lounge, and "yell contests" between classes. Miss Weldon was from Brockport, and graduated from the high school in 1914 when it was still part of the campus school.

Student singing alma mater

Click here to watch the Brockport Chamber Orchestra playing the Alma Mater

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