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A number of companies are now offering digital telephone service which could make dialing 911 difficult February 3, 2005 p3A
A window reopening? (Commentary) September 11, 2003 p16A
Brockport emergency calls will now roll over to 911 February 6, 2003 p1A
Brockport Emergency Dispatch Office only dispatches proper equipment to scene if an address and street location can be given (Letter) December 27, 2001 p15A
Could 911 cuts hurt Brockport dispatchers? June 13, 2002 p1A/14A
Going to 911 is only sensible (letter) August 22, 2002 p15A
Local dispatchers aren't duplicate service, they are a vital supplement to the county 911 emergency system (Guest Essay) June 17, 2004 p12A
Police chief: don't hesitate to call 911 (Letter) February 5, 2004 p16A
Residents of Monroe County are reminded that dialing 911 is a life saving technique March 6, 2003 p1A
We need a standardized system in emergencies (letter) August 22, 2002 p15A


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