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'Murder' shouldn't be a choice (Letter) February 15, 2001 p15A
Abortion issue tied to Laci Peterson case (Letter) May 1, 2003 p21A
Abortion lobby has hijacked the Democrats (Commentary) February 23, 2006 p13A
Area women join abortion-rights march at the nation's capital May 6, 2004 p6A
Bush shows integrity on abortion bill (Letter) November 13, 2003 p15A
Partial birth abortion is not 'minutiae' (Letter) August 17, 2006 p12A
Pro-lifers: Please hold your fire (Dissent column) December 5, 2002 p16A
Robach against safe, legal abortion (Letter) November 2, 2006 p13A
Stance on abortion war don't match (Letter) November 27, 2003 p10A
Vote for politicians who fight abortion (Letter) August 31, 2000 p13A


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