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10 people injured in a 3 car crash on route 19 in Sweden August 19, 2004 p2A
13 year old girl is struck by car in Hamlin August 21, 2003 p2A
5-year-old Dana M. Hansen collides with brother Ian in an ATV accident July 6, 2000 p3A
A former fire chief and his mother-in-law were killed in a car accident last weekend December 18, 2003 p1A
An accident averted by God saves lives of two (Letter) November 29, 2001 p11A
Beebe, Kimberly R. was stuck and killed by a vehicle while walking on Country Line Road in Clarkson February 9, 2006 p2A
Bigelow, David 10 died in 2-vehicle accident January 24, 2002 p1A/12A
Bollweg, Michael was killed when vehicle he was riding in overturned April 7, 2005 p2A
Brockport bus was struck while being repaired on the Thruway, no one was hurt January 22, 2004 p2A
Brockport fire and ambulance personnel report a surge in motor vehicle accidents February 20, 2003 p4A


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