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A dog in need was treated like trash (Letter) October 16, 2003 p17A
A gutsy cow jumped over the moon (Commentary column) April 11, 2002 p16A
Animal cruelty charges against Knezek, John, owner of Docktor Pet Center in EastView Mall dropped, but complaints continue January 13, 2000 p4A
Birds should not be kept in cages (Letter) January 16, 2003 p15A
From boy to man: An old dog saw it all (Guest Essay) December 25, 2003 p13A
Hamlin horse owner Blanchard, Ricaldo faces animal cruelty charges June 5, 2003 p1A
It's cruel to chain dogs up outside in freezing cold (Letter) January 11, 2001 p11A
Nobis, Trulie of Brighton holds hearing to discuss whether she should be allowed an alternative to dissecting a cat for biology (Notebook) March 22, 2001 p12A
Rusty the dog dragged behind a car until he could not run any faster, tortured and left for dead (Letter) February 22, 2001 p13A
Stop mistreatment of circus animals (Letter) May 15, 2003 p13A


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