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Beached whales and dolphins in the Bahamas due to loud underwater explosion noisiness (Letter) September 21, 2000 p13A
Beavers are unwelcome guests in Yanty Creek - state officials have called in trappers February 16, 2006 p3A
Birds seem scarce but there's no shortage (Green Thumb) May 25, 2000 p11A
Blame the weather for our lack of birds (Green Thumb) December 28, 2000 p13A
Both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year (Senior Life) December 27, 2001 p10A
Common crows deserve a pause for appreciation (Guest Essay) September 28, 2000 p15A
Deer herds of central New York State dying off slowly from chronic wasting disease (CDW) (Commentary) May 12, 2005 p13A
Despite growth of subdivisions, the adaptable and rarely seen coyote is thriving in upstate New York (Commentary) December 1, 2005 p17A
Groundhogs - scratching at the ground and keeping life simple (Nature Notes) November 2, 2000 p13A
High communications towers proving lethal for birds (Green Thumb) August 24, 2000 p13A


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