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A goal for board: work together (Letter) June 29, 2006 p17A
After a year fought with heated debates and divided votes, board members insist they are still able to get along January 6, 2005 p3A
Board of Directors of Webster Comfort Care announces a 5K race to be part of village's Centennial Celebration June 2, 2005 p12A
Brockport Board gives back 3 percent raise to the general fund July 21, 2005 p1A
Brockport Town Board is now controlled by a majority of rental property owners 3:2 (Letter) August 11, 2005 p12A
Brockport Water Board unanimously vote to disband water regulators August 18, 2005 p1A
Creation of a capital improvement plan approved by board April 21, 2005 p2A
Heyen thankful for voter's trust (Letter) June 29, 2006 p16A
Heyen, Hanny trustee candidate for the village of Brockport (Letter) June 15, 2006 p16A
Heyen, Hanny was elected to Brockport village Board June 22, 2006 p1A


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