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Brockport budget passes; taxes to rise 9.7% May 4, 2006 p1A
Brockport budget still in the works April 13, 2006 p2A
Brockport's snow removal budget keeps climbing February 5, 2004 p3A
Brockport's water fund has decreased more than 96 percent April 15, 2004 p1A
Correction March 30, 2006 p2A
Correction April 13, 2006 p2A
Informal budget meeting to be held April 15, 2004 p8A
Late budget, problems continue (Letter) June 24, 2004 p10A
Many residents are wondering where all the money went for the 2005-2006 budget April 7, 2005 p1A
Mayor: Proposal (Medicaid Sales Tax Intercept Plan) would 'devastate' village April 6, 2006 p3A


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