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Anti-Matela campaign was juvenile, cowardly (Letter) July 7, 2005 p12A
Brockport's 2005 elections end with Wexler, Mort as new mayor and two new trustees June 23, 2005 p1A
If you agree with petition against spending taxes on expensive village offices, elect John Bush and Mort Wexler for village trustees (Letter) June 8, 2000 p13A
Knapp, Norm for mayor; Whipple, Jim and Hunsinger, Scott for trustees call themselves the Peoples Choice for the upcoming village election March 31, 2005 p1A
New trustee Mort Wexler thanks voters who voted in the recent Brockport election (Letter) July 6, 2000 p7A
Voting is over for 2005 elections, now there's work to be done (Letter) July 14, 2005 p8A


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