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'Financial crisis' looms over village March 28, 2002 p1A/16A
Brockport receives $200,000 grant to preserve a historic building along the canal July 1, 2004 p3A
Brockport should get a tax reduction (letter) April 4, 2002 p13A
Brockport to install sewer fee May 6, 2004 p1A
Brockport village will use money from state grants to preserve records August 14, 2003 p3A
Chief tightens spending policy October 3, 2002 p1A/10A
Cost-saving ideas eyed June 27, 2002 p1A/16A
Coyle, Ian recently appointed as village treasurer June 17, 2004 p3A
Do away with 'grump month' (letter) June 13, 2002 p13A
Find better ways to balance budget (Letter) April 10, 2003 p17A


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