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"Get tough" policies towards teen crime don't always work as hoped, may even worsen problem June 21, 2001 p13A
19-year old Brockport man Padgett, Martin to be sentenced for possession of child porn September 1, 2005 p3A
20 year old Christa Perrin has been in and out of jail since she was 13 - every night she asks for forgiveness (Guest Essay) September 21, 2000 p13A
A 6 year old beats 3 year old brother to death with baseball bat, an unimaginable death (Notebook) June 7, 2001 p10A
A murderer by any other name (dissent) January 31, 2002 p8A
Albion man (Alberto Urbina) charged in Brockport stabbing November 7, 2002 p3A
Amico defendant (Stephen Pies) pleads guilty August 29, 2002 p14A
Armstrong, Ryan S. was arrested on 5 accounts May 4, 2006 p16A
Arnold, Michael and Ferry, Christian accused of burglary/assault in Brockport home and plead guilty February 6, 2003 p3A
Bedford, Richard a convicted killer at 17, youthfulness does not equal innocence (Commentary) February 26, 2004 p10A


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