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50 Alive Mature Driving Course will be held by Unity Health January 2, 2003 p4A
55 Alive Mature Driving Course being offered at Park Ridge Hospital April 26, 2001 p5A
Adolescent restraining orders needed (Funny Thing) May 25, 2000 p12
Brockport police issuing tickets on speeders who won't slow down and to those who will not yeild to pedestrians June 19, 2003 p5A
Courtesy is just another traffic fatality (Opinion) November 30, 2000 p12A
Driver criticizes I-390 speed trap (Letter) May 18, 2000 p13A
Fasten your seat belts before reading this one (Letter) June 19, 2003 p19A
If kids get a ticket, tell Mom and Dad (Editorial) May 24, 2001 p12A
Let's develop high-tech way to catch speeders (Letter) June 26, 2003 p15A
Older driver safety and the need for testing (Guest Essay) August 7, 2003 p13A


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