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10 cents of every dollar spent on toys will go toward lowering national debt (Funny Thing) May 8, 2003 p16A
A cheer for smart growth (Editorial) September 28, 2000 p14A
Americans contiue to put themselves at mercy of oil cartel - this is why we pay such high prices for gas (Editorial) February 24, 2000 p10A
Americans may have too much, too little, or just enough (Guest Essay) December 7, 2000 p15A
Are our suppliers in poorer countries paid enough? (Guest Essay) May 31, 2001 p15A
Are the 50 United States up for the new demands of the new century (Opinion) January 6, 2000 p12A
Back Democrats on energy independence (Letter) October 20, 2005 p14A
Demand today for communities where people can walk to work is most dramatic in 35 years John A. Williams has been in the development business (Opinion) April 6, 2000 p14A
Economic impact of 9/11 hard to target September 12, 2002 p4A
Economy is great but only for a few (Letter) November 23, 2000 p11A


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