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'Soilless' mixes are OK to use (Green Thumb) March 2, 2000 p9A
A good way to kill grubs (Green Thumb) October 9, 2003 p13A
Add lemon juice to your home grown tomatoes for low acid (Green Thumb) May 8, 2003 p15A
Asprin can help spur plant growth (Green Thumb) December 20, 2001 p7A
Associated Florists elects leaders for 2000 April 20, 2000 p10A
Attract butterflies with this colorful bush (Green Thumb) April 20, 2000 p15A
Beginning yard-worker gets acquainted with his very first lawn (Opinion) October 19, 2000 p14A
Brockport Garden Club meeting March 28, 2002 p2A
Brockport garden club meeting at the Morgan Manning House where Stonehocker, Anne discusses how to garden the deer-resistant way March 3, 2005 p2A
Brockport garden club to meet with Miller, Alana demonstrating the creation of a Thanksgiving centerpiece November 4, 2004 p2A


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