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2001 Skat-Trak Pro Watercross Tour makes stop at Hamlin Beach State Park June 14, 2001 p1A
9th Annual Free Fishing Day scheduled at Hamlin Beach State Park June 16, 2005 p2A
Civil War re-enactment at Hamlin Beach State Park pays tribute to our nation's war heroes August 24, 2000 p1A/4A
Hamlin Beach Park hosts Civil War encampment August 17, 2000 p2A
Hamlin Beach State Park is host of classic car show "Rock 'n' Roll Saturday", which also featured performances of local musicians August 10, 2000 p1A
Hamlin Beach State Park renting picnic shelters January 27, 2000 p5A
Jet ski racers ride waves of Hamlin Beach June 14, 2001 p9A
Lake research center facility at Hamlin Beach State Park boosts whole region June 5, 2003 p12A


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