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Carpenter ants and termites are not the same (Green Thumb) March 9, 2000 p11A
Combating white flies (Green Thumb) November 16, 2000 p11A
How to deal with yellow jackets and wasps (Green Thumb) September 21, 2000 p11A
How to solve ladybugs in your house (Green Thumb) April 13, 2000 p15A
Just move daddy longlegs to the cellar (Green Thumb) March 15, 2001 p9A
New trap for Indian-meal moths (Green Thumb) October 5, 2000 p13A
The demise of the front porch - beware of bugs (Commentary) September 4, 2003 p16A
The scoop on daddy log legs spiders (Green Thumb) December 25, 2003 p11A


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