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A property tax fairy tale with a tragic end (Commentary) December 11, 2003 p13A
Another sales tax complication (On Politics) May 25, 2006 p13A
Appauling to see Monroe County Executive Doyle, Jack use tax money to build new soccer field complex (Letter) July 5, 2001 p9A
Brooks, Maggie has a nice, polite way of saying 'tax increase' (On Politics) February 23, 2006 p13A
Brooks, Maggie proposes and increase in the local sales tax April 20, 2006 p11A
Caputo, Michael muses on a Monroe County sales tax hike (On Politics) April 20, 2006 p15A
County budget proposal keeps tax rates stable November 23, 2006 p5A
County cronyism reaches a new low (Letter) August 17, 2006 p12A
Cure county deficit through open talks (Guest Essay) September 14, 2006 p17A
Everyone loses when Brooks plays 'chicken' (Commentary) June 22, 2007 p13A


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