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Alexi and Jolie Irvine attend dance pagent and win first and second place July 31, 2003 p5A
Brockport sisters Alexi Rae and Joli White Irvine selected to participate in Miss Pre-Teen Syracuse-Rochester pagent October 9, 2003 p10A
Hallatt, Theresa, Spenerport senior, holds the title of Miss Teenager of New York August 31, 2006 p1A/9A
Langford, Jessica Nicole and Dahlin, Elaine of Brockport selected to participate in Nationals' 2001 Miss Jr. Pre Teen Rochester pageant competition June 7, 2001 p2A
Mendez, Jamal competes in the Mrs. New york American pagent June 8, 2006 p4A
Sisters Irvine, Alexi Rae and Irvine, Joli White both qualified for national pagent in Florida October 30, 2003 p4A


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