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A hug from the Gov. (photo) November 14, 2002 p6A
For Pataki, there's no place like home January 12, 2006 p11A
Gov. Pataki campaigns in Brockport October 31, 2002 p6A
Governor Pataki tries to raise money by grabbing local funds by taking away nearly all court revenue (Editorial) June 3, 2004 p12A
Governor's State of the State messages more like a state of the wish list (Editorial) January 15, 2004 p10A
Let 1,000 flowers bloom; Gov. Pataki's shell game (Notebook) January 9, 2003 p12A
One more cut for Pataki (letter) October 31, 2002 p16A
Over the years our governor has humiliated himself to the point where no one respects him anymore (Commentary) March 3, 2005 p13A
Pataki attacks Kerry, John - 'Five to three Pataki' takes it beyond NY (On Politics) September 9, 2004 p17A
Pataki has failed to stimulate economy (Letter) July 31, 2003 p11A


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