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Annual flag disposal ceremony scheduled by Monroe County American Legion Auxiliary June 7, 2001 p2A
Being honest is part of patriotism; a congressman who loves our country wouldn't accept money in campaign donations from lobbyists seeking favors (Notebook) January 19, 2006 p11A
Do car ribbons endorse support or command it? (Dissent) December 16, 2004 p15A
Governments encourage us to go on living our lives and spending money after 9/11 - spend your money on American products (Guest Essay) December 6, 2001 p12A
Keep patriotism alive all year (Letter) May 31, 2001 p15A
Local stores having a hard time keeping New York related merchandise in stock September 27, 2001 p3A
Morehouse, Joanne and Alton display their honor of their son, Christopher, who has been fighting in Baghdad with a display of lights on their yard March 24, 2005 p1A
Patriotism swells in this time of loss and profound grief September 20, 2001 p1A
Stand up against fear, let's cherish our villages (Notebook) October 11, 2001 p12A
Thousands of people gathered to see the Rochester International Marine Tattoo 2001 presented September 6, 2001 p8A


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