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Bush and Gore: Winning and whining (Funny Thing) December 7, 2000 p14A
Clinton, Hillary and Giuliani, Rudy lead national poll taken by Marist Institute as Democratic and Republican presidential candidates for 2008 (On Politics) May 12, 2005 p13A
Congresswoman Slaughter, Louise of Monroe County out of presidential inauguration tickets January 4, 2001 p4A
Debates skewed against third parties (Letter) March 9, 2000 p13A
Election defeats television news (Funny Thing) November 16, 2000 p13A
How 'Dad' messed up the election (Opinion) November 16, 2000 p12A
I'm over the election, but are you (Funny Thing) April 29, 2001 p16A
More thoughts on the 2000 election (Letter) March 8, 2001 p15A
The curse of the second termers (Funny Thing) October 27, 2005 p15A
Vermont Senator Jeffords, James switches political party because of disagreement with President Bush's stance on issues (Funny Thing) June 7, 2001 p10A


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