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And this was the party of FDR (Commentary) February 26, 2004 p11A
Bush could learn a few lessons from the morals of boxing (Letter) May 20, 2004 p14A
Bush the first had what America needs (Commentary) February 19, 2004 p15A
Bush would do good to follow Truman's example (Commentary) January 20, 2005 p11A
Carter, Jimmy as a bad president (Commentary) March 6, 2003 p16A
Clinton didn't stop terror (Letter) October 11, 2001 p13A
Clinton, Bill has shown that he can give as good as he gets even when he has been at the butt of jokes for the past 8 years (Funny Thing) May 11, 2000 p16
Clinton: a bad boy but a good president (Funny Thing) January 25, 2001 p12A
Many speakers at Reagan, Ronald's memorial service, his daughter by far the best (Commentary) July 8, 2004 p13A
National Archives to distribute casettes of Nixon, Richard M.'s once secret tapes (Funny Thing) February 24, 2000 p10A


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