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21 Questions for those in line to being the next mayor of Rochester (Commentary) May 12, 2005 p13A
Duffy, Bob still hasn't made his decision to enter the race for Mayor (On Politics) January 27, 2005 p13A
Leading debate in Rochester city mayor race is police protection (On Politics) June 16, 2005 p12A
Mayoral candidates face reality check when Curran, Brian announces he will not be running again (On Politics) January 20, 2005 p11A
Norwood, Wade's campaign for Rochester mayor not racist at all (Commentary) September 29, 2005 p15A
Odds are even that Duffy, Robert; Norwood, Wade; and Mains, Tim will duke it out to the end in the mayoral race (Commentary) April 14, 2005 p13A
Parrinello, John's presence at the Rochester mayoral forum juiced up an already interesting affair (On Politics) March 17, 2005 p13A


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