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'Zero tolerance' becomes 'zero sense' in schools (Notebook) June 1, 2006 p17A
2004-2005 report cards out on school districts May 11, 2006 p3A
Aid can't change human nature (letter) July 4, 2002 p13A
Cameras in schools (Editorial) October 9, 2003 p14A
Let's save those grand old schools (guest essay) August 1, 2002 p13A
Michigan uses money from property taxes to help fund schools, a great idea (Guest Essay) March 27, 2003 p13A
No, schools can't ban Bible in lunchroon (Guest Essay) November 9, 2006 p17A
Now's the time to weigh in on the schools (Editorial) January 23, 2003 p12A
SAT can't measure students' real worth (Editorial) June 22, 2006 p12A
Schools lose a fight for their cause, Bill Cala stands alonge July 13, 2006 p13A


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