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Beware of office pool hucksters (Murf's Turf) January 27, 2005 p10A
Beware of the office pool hucksters (Murf's Turf) January 22, 2004 p10A
Goodies for Super Sunday (Murf's Turf) January 20, 2000 p7A
No dice for Las Vegas in XXXVII (Murf's Turf) January 23, 2003 p10A
Previewing the XXXV commercials (Murf's Turf) January 25, 2001 p9A
Scouting the XXXIX commercials (Murf's Turf) February 3, 2005 p10A
Scouting the XXXVI commercials (Murf's Turf) January 31, 2002 p7A
Scouting the XXXVIII commercials (Murf's Turf) January 29, 2004 p9A
Sizing up the XXXIV commercials (Murf's Turf) January 27, 2000 p7A


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